Power Plus Systems, Inc is your go to company to help provide reliability and uptime. We help you to truly understand power quality and what that means to reducing the cost of service, warranty work and downtime when sensitive electronics and under siege from dirty power.

For the past 7 years we have operated as a Certified Manufacturers Representative for AMETEK Powervar. We have brought power quality products to the Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana market place. It is our belief that an educated customer makes the best decisions. That is why Power Plus Systems are experts at helping its customers understand the ins and outs of power.


We help customers understand the causes behind “no trouble found” service calls, system lockups, database corruption and many other intermittent issues caused by “dirty” power. Like an iceberg customers only see a very small percentage of the problems (blackouts, brownouts, flickering lights). What lies beneath the water is what you truly need to worry about. The unseen “noise” that can damage microprocessors or cause issues which are difficult to identify or explain.

It is our mission to help improve profitability and reduce downtime; all the while providing the power quality industry’s leading products and services.


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