Power Conditioners

Some companies’ idea of power conditioning is to sell you a surge protector or a filter. Ours is to find out exactly what you need and fix you up with exactly the right power conditioner. We have specific models for the medical industry, for international use, for network environments, and more, simply because we have never bought into that “one size fits all” mentality. Check out the links below for descriptions and tech data on each and every AMETEK Powervar model. The solution you are looking for is only seconds away.

Single-Phase UPS

AMETEK Powervar uninterruptible power managers (UPM) combine surge diversion and noise filtering with a highly efficient low-impedance isolation transformer. Sizes range from 240 VA to 1440 VA with a variety of connection styles for your application needs.


Three-Phase UPS

The 3200 Series Three-Phase Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is designed for small data centers and critical load applications.

AMETEK Powervar 3200 Series’ reliability and superior design has one of the smallest footprint in the industry which translates to more data center space for additional computer racks.

Mobile Power Manager (MPM)

AMETEK Powervar’s Mobile Power Manager (MPM) provides UL 60601 compliance for mobile carts while protecting valuable patient data from being lost or corrupted.
The MPM provides power to connected equipment on a cart for up to 10 hours with a rapid recharge time. Existing non-powered carts can be upgraded at an affordable cost.


Local Area Power Center

Now, count on AMETEK Powervar for equipment centralization and cost savings, too.

Designed for the space limitations of today’s small business, the Powervar Local Area Power Center (LAPC) frees up valuable counter space . . . helps you make your Point-of-Sale more efficient, more profitable.

Until now, ensuring high-quality, uninterruptible power has meant you needed to pair up an individual UPS with each of your computers or peripherals. That meant valuable counter space was sacrificed to bulky UPS equipment. Not anymore.

Now we have integrated a low impedance isolation transformer with a single power interface panel. Together, they make up the Powervar Local Area Power Center.

Communication Line Protectors

AMETEK Powervar’s portfolio of power protection solutions including, single-phase UPS, power conditioned UPS, communication line protectors and single-phase power conditioners. We also offer various software monitoring and management solutions.


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